Trekker - Auto-wrapping Portable Toilet

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Wrappon Trekker 3 is a water-free toilet that's won the prestigious Good Design Award.

An ideal solution for communicable disease centres and disaster relief sites, where access to proper sanitation, water and electricity are lacking. Its compact size and portability also makes it suitable for tower cranes, aircraft, and recreational vehicles.


  • The automatic sealing mechanism removes the need for manual handling of human waste. Preserve the dignity of users and improve staff morale. 

  • The Trekker 3 weighs only 12kg and can be carried like a briefcase. Its compact shape allows for units to be stacked and stored easily.


  • Ultra durable 5-layer film and coagulant are designed to prevent the spread of diseases by locking in smells and bacteria. This means that sealed waste can be disposed in a normal bin with bare hands, without worry of contamination.
  • Test results show that bacteria and odour are eradicated and blocked for up to 4 weeks. This means that sealed waste can be cleared even at the end of the day, or as and when you choose. 

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    How to use Trekker 3

    Watch how the Trekker 3's predecessor is used in disaster relief

    Product Name Wrappon Trekker 3
    Model No. TLNS1020
    Dimensions Assembled: 44W x 46D x 40H cm
    Stored: 44W x 46D x 27H cm
    Weight 12 kg (Main Unit)
    0.6 kg (AC Adapter)

    Body and legs: Aluminium alloy

    Seat: polypropylene

    Manufacturer Nihon Safety Co., Ltd.
    Power Supply AC 100W, 50 or 60 Hz, or DC 12V
    Power Consumption 75W