EVERI Commode with Automatic Flushing and Sealing


Did you know that most falls in the elderly happen in the toilet? 

When it involves something intimate like going to the toilet, most people would rather do so themselves rather than to trouble their loved ones. However, toilet floors can be slippery and often require assistance to navigate in the dark. That is why falls in the toilet are so common amongst those with poor eyesight or mobility issues. 

To prevent falls, the best gift you can get for your loved one is The Wrappon Everi automatic toilet. By placing this toilet next to their bed, they will no longer worry about rushing to the toilet in time, or feel embarrassed due to leaking from incontinence.

The Wrappon Everi toilet is a common sight in many Japanese households and converts into an elegant armchair when not in use. The innovative design also ensures a clean and odourless experience for the user and a dignified disposal method for the caregiver.  No more handling buckets of excrement or urine. 



  • Adjustable seat and armrest heights.
  • No water required = No plumbing/water connection needed. Quick and easy to install!
  • Film and coagulant prevent smells and bacteria from escaping. This means that sealed waste can be disposed into a normal bin with bare hands, without worry of odour or contamination.


    Nobody likes wearing diapers or peeing into a bucket. Help your loved ones retain their independence and dignity.

    We truly care about the safety of our customers and therefore, all purchases come with a personalised training session during delivery. This way, your loved one will feel confident when using his new commode.

      If you wish to ask questions or discuss your order, feel free to contact us at +65 6250-2129 or info@healthcarematters.com.sg

          How to use Everi

          Introducing Everi 


          Product Name Wrappon Everi
          Model No. TLNS1010
          Dimensions 56.5W x 56D x 74/77/80H cm
          Armrest Height (adjustable):21 cm, 24 cm
          Seat Height (adjustable): 37 cm, 40 cm, 43 cm
          Seat Width: 47 cm
          Weight 21 kg
          Materials Body rubber and wood, Seat polypropylene resin & polyurethane resin
          Manufacturer Nihon Safety Co., Ltd.
          Power Supply AC 100V (+-10V)
          Power Consumption 75W

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