Mattress - Thank U Point

Mattress - Thank U Point

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Thank U Point Mattress is an effective body weight dispersion mattress that brings comfort to care recipients by reducing compression on the back.


  • Compatible with Miolet For U and Miolet II.
  • Co-developed with Associate Professor Matsuo from Saga University in Japan.
  • Structure comprises 2 layers. When the back is lifted, the upper layer head portion will slide independently, reducing compression on the back and the chance of the body slipping. 


  • 3-dimensional C-CORE mattress comprising more than 100 thousand small springs to disperse compression on the body. Air circulation within the mattress keeps the mattress cool and lets the moisture out, providing resistance against mites and mould. Mattress is also washable.
  • Special Design for Seated Position. Spring density increases on the edges of both sides to support care recipient's sitting position on the edge.
  • 3 folding lines on the bending part of the bed so that the mattress can fold appropriately when the back is lifted up.


  • Effective Pressure Dispersion

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Product Name Thank U Point Mattress
Dimensions 192 L x 90 W x 9H cm
Weight 8.5 kg
Materials Outer Cover/ Inner Cover: Polyester
Lining Cloth: Urethane, Polyethylene, Polyester
Manufacturer Platz Co., Ltd, Japan