Accessories - Side Rail Miolet Regular


The side rails for Miolet are designed according to Japan Industrial Standards. The horizontal bars prevent your loved one's arms, legs and tubes from getting trapped when the bed is in motion, in contrast to collapsible side rails. 



  • Horizontal bar design 
  • Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) certified
  • Compatible with Miolet Bed Series (Miolet For U and Miolet II)      

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Product Name Regular Side Rail (2-piece set)
Model No. BDPL8010
Dimensions 75W x 53.5D x 2H cm
Weight 5.4 kg
Materials Steel / Powder Coating, PA
Manufacturer Platz Co., Ltd, Japan
Compatible with All Miolet beds


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The Story

PLATZ was founded in 1992 by Mr Fukuyama, whose father was a doctor. During then, nursing care beds were very expensive and accessible only to the wealthy. The majority of elderly in Japan relied on regular beds which were unsafe for the patient and cumbersome for the caregiver. Thus, Mr Fukuyama set out on a mission. He firmly believed that “No matter how good a nursing care bed is, it's meaningless if it's too expensive for the general public.”

With this guiding principle, Mr Fukuyama devoted his heart and soul into developing the next generation of nursing care beds. After years of toil, the first series of PLATZ beds- the PKB-3 was introduced to the world at a groundbreaking price of 99,800 yen. Till this day, Platz remains committed to producing high quality beds at affordable prices.

Design with heart

Unlike consumer goods such as television sets or computers, a nursing care bed is not a product of choice, but of necessity. It is used reluctantly and is often associated with disability. This is best illustrated by the following incident that happened a few years after the company's founding:

During a healthcare exhibition, PLATZ showcased their beds with a sign that read “Nursing Care Beds”. Hours went by without anyone showing the slightest interest. Countless number of elderly walked right past the beds without even a glance. Out of curiosity, the exhibitors spoke to an elderly woman in her 90s and she sharply replied, “The day I sleep in a care bed would be the end of me!”

Through this experience, the team at PLATZ learnt the importance of putting themselves in the shoes of their users, and in removing the stigma associated with nursing care beds. This desire is reflected in the homely designs of PLATZ beds as well as the use of colours that evoke a sense of warmth and coziness.

Form and Function

In the early days, the generally-accepted idea was that nursing care beds should have flat headboards and personal belongings such tissue boxes, glasses, and medicine should be kept on a side table. This is contrary to the user's home experience, especially in Japanese bedrooms that are too small for a side table. As a result, many patients ended up placing these items on the bed, which often fell on the floor throughout the course of the day.

As such, PLATZ introduced the "Headboard with Shelf for Small Items” to solve this frustrating problem that many users were facing. In 1998, the shelved beds were introduced to the market, and are now a common sight in many care facilities.

The Future

As a result of continuous innovation and thoughtful design, PLATZ has won the hearts of many consumers. From design and development to manufacturing and inspection, every step is conducted with the strictest level of quality control that meets the ISO 9001:2008 standards. PLATZ is now a household name in Japan and was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange as well as the Fukuoka Stock Exchange Q Board in 2015. Henceforth, Mr Fukuyama and his team hope to deliver excellent beds beyond the shores of Japan and to the rest of the world.



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