Pushchair Recline and Tilt MH NEXTCORE Posture Correction

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This wheelchair combines the customisable posture features of our posture support series with tilt & recline functions.

This series of wheelchairs won the prestigious Good Design Award for its thoughtful design and customisable features. It is an ideal choice for those who need extra support and are looking for a perfectly comfortable experience.



    Achieve superior comfort with customisable features
    • Back rest reclines from 90-125 degrees so that the user can lie down when tired.
    • Seat tilts from 0-30 degrees to prevent user from sliding off the chair. Tilting the seat also helps to relieve pressure from the buttocks so as to prevent pressure ulcers.
    • Two sets of velcro straps on the back rest. This enables the tension of the back rest to be adjusted, thus creating a perfect fit for different spine curvatures. Especially useful for scoliosis.


    • Height-adjustable arm rests for an ergonomic fit.
    • Swing-away and detachable footrest (height-adjustable upon installation). Can be replaced with elevating foot rests if required.
    • Height and angle-adjustable headrest to achieve safe posture during mealtimes.
    • 30-degree slanted back pipes let the user lean his upper back slightly. This helps to align the head directly above the shoulders, which is the optimum posture for breathing and eating. With a straight back pipe, the user’s upper back is pushed forward, causing the head to droop (refer to photos below).


    Compact and portable

    • Strong and ultra lightweight due to high grade aluminium alloy structure. No need to struggle with a heavy and bulky wheelchair during transportation.
    • Foldable back pipes for compact storage in car boot.
    • Slim profile for easy manoeuvring in tight spaces. No need to worry about bumping into furniture/toilet doors. 


    Safe and Stable

    • Parking brakes and drum brakes for secure braking and superior durability. Drum brakes are housed in a casing that prevents the accumulation of moisture and dust. This ensures smooth operation every single time.


    • Nylon-vinyl cushions are removable and easy to clean.
    • Adjustable parts are orange-tinted for high visibility. No more fiddling around to locate operational levers/user controls.

      We truly care about the safety of our customers and therefore, all purchases come with a personalised training session during delivery. This way, your loved one will feel confident when using his new wheelchair.

      If you wish to ask questions or discuss your order, please contact us at (65) 6250-2129 or info@healthcarematters.com.sg

        Product Name Matsunaga MH-CR3D Wheelchair
        Model No. MH-CR3D
        Dimensions Folded width: 
        Max. load  130 kg
        Weight of Wheelchair 24.5 kg
        Seat Width Size M: 16-inch    Size L: 18-inch
        Manufacturer Matsunaga Co. Ltd

        Cushion: Nylon or Vinyl (Easy to clean)

        Front wheels: Solid rubber (Polyurethane)

        Rear wheels: Solid rubber (Polymer)