Pon Pon Touch

Pon Pon Touch

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  • There is a handle for the elderly to support themselves with.
  • Develop a sense of balance while standing
  • Able to sit and play
  • 3 levels of difficulty (easy, normal, difficult)
  • 6 games are installed
  • Each game takes 30 seconds to finish

6 games

1. Touch the ramp
Touch the ramps while they are blinking for a limited time

2. Catch the egg:
Catch the falling egg within the limited time

3.  Hit the block:
Hit all the blocks within the limited time

4. Pon Pon course: Play 3 games continuously

5. Identify the swapped card:
Remember the deck of cards within 5 seconds, and identify the one that's been swapped.

6. Who's the bad boy?
Look for the boy with bad manners and hit him.