Hospital Bed Compact Home care - Miolet For U

Hospital Bed Compact Home care - Miolet For U

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Miolet For U is a premium electric bed that was developed by Japanese researchers and expert designers to resolve the common discomforts associated with most electric beds in the market. It is Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) certified and has an ultra low bed height of 25cm to prevent injuries from falls.

Standard Features 


Additional Features 

1. Leg length adjuster
Some users experience pain when their legs are raised. This pain is felt when the knees are not bent at the optimum angle and is especially common for taller users with longer limbs. With the Miolet II, the length of the raising platform can be adjusted to either 23 cm or 28 cm so that the knees are bent in the most comfortable position. 

2. Lumbar Function
The lumbar panel on the backrest reduces compression and pain when the user is seated up.

3. Tilting Hip Panel 
This hip panel tilts backwards when the user is seated up. This tilting action prevents the user from sliding down, helping him to achieve good sitting posture.

4. Sliding S-panel
With most electric beds, the user feels compression on his abdomen and back compression when sitting up. This can cause eating and breathing difficulties. Our Miolet For U bed has a sliding S panel that helps to redistribute pressure to remove any discomfort.

5. Retractable bed rails for zero-gap transfer
Most beds do not allow the wheelchair to be flushed in line with the bed because of protruding bed rails. Our bed rails can be retracted so that it does not obstruct the wheels of your wheelchair. This allows a safer transfer from bed to chair.

6. Ergonomic remote control
Specially designed for users with a weak grip. It can also be clipped onto the headboard for easy reach.


7. World's most silent motor by LINAK

All of PLATZ beds have a LINAK motor built into them. The LINAK motor from Denmark is world-renowned for being powerful, yet quiet. It also has a waterproof protection for easy cleaning. This silent motor ensures that your loved one will be able to sleep soundly even when caregivers adjust the bed position. 

Every MIOLET FOR U bed comes bundled with:

  • Body weight dispersion mattress to reduce compression on the care recipient's back. 
  • Caster wheels 

Other Accessories (Optional)

  • Regular-length side rails designed to prevent entrapment of the limbs when bed is in motion.
  • Kneeparo auto lock bed grip with pad for easy stand up 

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Basic Movements

    Product Name Miolet For U Bed

    3-motor: BDPL1010

    Bed Board Wooden Flat Type

    209 cm (L)
    94 cm (W)
    66 - 104 cm (H)
    Height Adjustment: 25 - 63 cm

    Mattress Size 190 - 195 cm (L)
    88 - 91 cm (W)
    Weight 102.5 kg
    Materials Frame: Steel
    Wooden Board: MDF Olefin board natural woods
    Manufacturer Platz Co., Ltd, Japan
    Power Supply Type A: 100VAC (50/60Hz)
    Type B: 230VAC (50/60Hz)
    Power Consumption 100 W
    Maximum Load 120 kg / Safe load capacity: 1700N