Paper coagulant for portable toilet

EVERI - Coagulant

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This coagulant was designed for use with the Wrappon EVERI. Add a scoop before each use to absorb the moisture from urine and human waste. 


  • 6 litre bag for around 60 uses 
  • Film and Coagulant work hand-in-hand to prevent smell and bacteria from escaping. This means that sealed waste can be disposed with bare hands without worry of odour or contamination.

        Product Name Coagulant for EVERI
        SKU TLNS2010
        Dimensions 10.6cm W x 9.5cm D x 11.3cm H
        Weight 0.425 kg
        Material Recycled paper pulp
        Disposal Complies with Singapore Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) for normal bin disposal 
        No. of uses
        60 times
        Nihon Safety Co., Ltd.