OWL Cushion (Deep Contour Slim)


Pressure ulcers are a common problem in wheelchair users.

Extended periods of sitting exerts pressure on our skin. This is made worse by the friction between the wheelchair seat and our body, which can cause our skin to tear. Elderly with thin and fragile skin are especially prone to skin breakage, which then gives rise to ulcers and potential infection. This can cause distress and unnecessary hospitalisation, further reducing mobility and enjoyment in daily activities.

Thus, a good pressure reliefcushion is of utmost importance for wheelchair users.

The EXGEL Owl Cushion contains a proprietary material that distributes pressure by conforming to your body's shape. Its unique owl shape was developed after extensive research by Kaji Corporation and the Foundation for Yokohama Rehabilitation Service.

The extreme softness of EXGEL is gentle even for the most delicate skin. EXGEL's high shock absorbency is 10x greater than normal urethane foam, which helps to buffer the shearing forces between our skin and cushion.

Enjoy hours of comfortable sitting and postural stability with EXGEL.


Owl eye

Reduces pressure on the ischium, where the strongest pressure is felt.


Owl slit

Reduces risk of pressure sores from
the coccygeal region to sacral region.


Hipline shape

Fits the curvature of your hip.


Soft edge on the front

Offers a more comfortable sitting posture.

Taper-shaped bottom surface

Provides a snug fit on the wheelchair seat.
*Contour/Deep Contour only


Provides effective distribution of body pressure and a stable sitting posture.
*Contour/Deep Contour only


    High-stretch water-resistant cover included (machine-washable). Strong skid-proof base with zipper at back for easy removal.


    • Prevents pressure ulcers
    • Supports good posture and stability while sitting. With greater comfort, your loved one can enjoy longer hours of activity and engagement in daily activities.
    • Easy to maintain and wash

      Which Owl Cushion should I choose?

      Pressure Redistribution Care for Coccyx and Sacral area Postural Support Forward / Rearward Stability Portability
      Regular ** *** * * *
      High *** *** * * *
      Contour *** *** ** ** *
      Deep Contour *** *** *** *** *

        See Regular, High, and Contour designs.

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        Not just another cushion

        The EXGEL cushions were developed by Kaji Corporation in Japan. The company was established in 1969 as a sewing manufacturer. But in 1995, while searching for new materials, Kaji developed the unique EXGEL mateiral that has both solid and liquid properties. The founders realised the impact that this could have on the prevention of pressure sores and started developing pressure relief cushions. True enough, the outstanding features of EXGEL have been rated so highly by healthcare professionals that Kaji's product lines have now expanded into other fields such as surgical pads, nursing mattresses, industrial and even motor sports.

        When you receive your cushion, you'll realise that every detail and material used has been carefully thought through. This is achieved by a dedicated R&D team that is committed to giving their very best.

        To begin, experienced designers draw up a design based on the input of rehabilitation professionals. They then select the most suitable materials in collaboration with material specialists who have an intimate knowledge of the pros and cons of each. Once this is completed, prototypes are developed and tested multiple times to refine the design until it's met all the criteria. Not only does Kaji pay an extreme amount of attention to the materials used, their long history as a sewing manufactures ensures the highly skilled craftsmanship that you'll notice with every stitch. All the products are manufactured in-house or in partnership with trusted factories under the quality management standard of ISO 9001. The final products go through another round of stringent checks before each cushion is placed inside an individual, sturdy, cardboard carrier.

        Feel it to see the difference.

        Find out how EXGEL compares with other pressure relief cushions:

        Urethane FoamInexpensive
        Good pressure redistribution
        Wears out easily
        Flattens out easily if too thin
        GelDoes not flatten out easily
        Does not wear out easily
        Excellent pressure redistribution
        Risk of leakage (depending on quality)
        Feels hot in tropical weather and cold in air-con rooms
        Excellent pressure redistribution
        No flattening out with proper air pressure
        Can be unstable
        Risk of leakage and requires constant pressure checking
        EXGEL + Urethane FoamExcellent pressure redistribution
        Buffers shearing forces
        Does not wear out easily
        No risk of leakage, therefore easy maintenance
        Lightweight compared to gel-only cushion
        Feels hot in tropical weather and cold in air-con rooms. However, EXGEL heat insulating cover prevents this.

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