Pushchair Slim and Lightweight Foldable - good for travel

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This is our most popular model of lightweight wheelchairs. The foldable and compact size is ultra convenient for users to take along when travelling (e.g. going for check-ups, shopping with the family, holidays etc.)



    Compact and portable

    • Ultra lightweight due to high-grade aluminium alloy frame. No need to struggle with a heavy and bulky wheelchair during transportation.
    • Strong and durable due to a double cross-brace structure. This is rarely seen in general wheelchairs and MATSUNAGA takes great pride in ensuring such high standards even in their standard wheelchair models.
    • Slim profile for easy maneuvering in tight spaces. No need to worry about bumping into furniture/toilet doors.
    • Foldable back pipes for compact storage in the car boot.

              Matsunaga_foldable back pipes

    Designed for easy transfer

    • Swing-up arm rests.
    • Swing-out, detachable foot rests. This prevents obstruction during transfer and allows the user to pedal with his feet instead of steering with the wheels.

    Safe and stable

    • Comes with 2 sets of brakes - Parking brakes and drum brakes.
    • Drum brakes typically found in high-end wheelchairs. They are similar to car brakes and offer secure braking. Our drum brakes are housed in a casing that blocks out moisture and dust so that they will not break down easily. The operational levers are also located on the handle bar to allow caregivers better control when pushing their loved ones down a slope. 
    • Parking brakes are securely fixed and will not come lose easily. This ensures safety even after many years of use.


    • Seat is lightly padded for extra comfort. Removable for easy cleaning.
    • High quality seat fabric will not fray over time, which is a common problem with lower grade fabric. This is important because frays and cracks in the seat fabric cause cuts and abrasions on your loved one's fragile skin. 

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        Product Name Matsunaga lightweight foldable wheelchair
        Model No. MW-SL4D
        Dimensions Folded width: 
        Max. load 100 kg
        Weight of Wheelchair 11.1 kg
        Seat Width Size M: 16-inch    Size L: 18-inch
        Manufacturer Matsunaga Co. Ltd

        Seat: Nylon or Vinyl (Easy to clean)

        Front wheels: Solid rubber (Polyurethane)

        Rear wheels: Solid rubber (Polymer)