Miolet II Electric Home Care Bed

Miolet II Electric Home Care Bed

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A compact electric bed that can be assembled by just one person. It is equipped with thoughtful design features for ultimate comfort.


Miolet II is equipped with various functions to address discomforts associated with electric beds.

  • Leg Length Adjuster 
    Some users feel pain when their legs are raised and the knees are bent. This is especially so for taller users with longer limbs. With the Miolet II, the length of the raising platform can be adjusted to either 23 cm or 28 cm so that the knees are bent at the most comfortable position. 

  • Adjustable Back Support
    Very often, users experience compression at the abdomen and back when seated up. This can cause eating and breathing difficulties. To prevent this, we've incorporated a sliding piece on the underside of the back. This sliding piece helps to relieve abdominal compression by shifting some of that pressure upwards.

  • In addition to knee push-up, the legs can be lifted horizontally to reduce leg swelling.

  • The holder for the bed railing is retractable. This means that the wheelchair can be pushed closer to the bed during transfer for convenience and safety.

  • The remote control is specially designed for people with a weak grip. It can be held with one hand or both hands.


  • The remote control can be hooked onto the side rails or board for easy reach.

  • Made in Denmark, Miolet II's LINAK Motor has waterproof protection for easier cleaning. The motor is also silent so caregivers may control the bed at night without worrying about disturbing their loved ones.

  • Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) and Quality Assurance Product (QAP) certified

Comes bundled with:

  • Body weight dispersion mattress to reduce compression on the care recipient's back. 
  • Caster wheels

Other Accessories (Optional)

  • Regular-length side rails designed to prevent entrapment of the limbs when bed is in motion.
  • Kneeparo auto-lock bed grip with pad for easy stand-up 

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    Basic Movements


      Product Name Miolet II Bed

      3-motor series: BDPL1020

      Bed Board Woody BR Type

      206 cm (L)
      100 cm (W)
      66 - 100 cm (H)
      Height Adjustment: 25 - 59 cm

      Mattress Size 190 - 192 cm (L)
      88 - 91 cm (W)
      7 - 18 cm (H)
      Weight 78 kg
      Materials Frame: Steel, ABS, PP
      Resin Board: PE
      Manufacturer Platz Co., Ltd, Japan
      Power Supply Type A: 100VAC (50/60Hz)
      Type B: 230VAC (50/60Hz)
      Power Consumption 100 W
      Maximum Load 120 kg / Safe load capacity: 1700N