Pushchair Mini Travel comes with storage bag)

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Need to travel with your loved one but worried about him/her getting tired? This mini pushchair is the perfect companion for those family trips. Give your loved one a peace of mind, knowing that he can sit anytime, anywhere. This assurance gives the elderly confidence to leave the house, get some fresh air, and participate in family activities.

This is Matsunaga's upgraded version of their travel wheelchair, with added safety and comfort features. Weighing only 9.7kg, it's compact and easy to store.

lightweight travel pushchair         lightweight travel pushchair


  • Super strong and supports up to 100kg due to the premium aluminum alloy frame.
  • Super light (9.7kg) so that anyone in the family can carry it. 
  • Shock-absorbent: Wide PU Foam Castors reduce shock and vibrations when travelling on uneven roads, making the ride smoother and more comfortable. 
  • Drum Brakes (similar to car brakes) allow the caregiver much more control, making it safer for use on slopes and uneven terrain. This is only found in high-end wheelchairs
  • 1-step central-locking foot brake lets you secure the wheelchair easily from the back.
  • Foldable frame makes it easy for storage. 16-inch seat width is super compact.
  • Flip-up armrests for easy transfer
  • Wide rear wheels for extra stability  This reduces the risk of toppling, which is a common concern when using lower-quality travel chairs
  • High quality seat fabric will not fray over time, which is a common problem with lower grade fabric. This is important because frays and cracks in the seat fabric cause cuts and abrasions on your loved one's fragile skin. 

And as always, Japanese engineering ensures top-notch durability and safety.

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