EXGEL Standard Cushion (Regular)


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EXGEL Standard Cushion (Regular)

Pressure ulcers are a common problem in wheelchair users.

Extended periods of sitting exerts pressure on our skin. This is made worse by the friction between the wheelchair seat and our body, which can cause our skin to tear. Elderly with thin and fragile skin are especially prone to skin breakage, which then gives rise to ulcers and potential infection. This can cause distress and unnecessary hospitalisation, further reducing mobility and enjoyment in daily activities.

Thus, a good pressure distribution cushion is of utmost importance to wheelchair users.

The EXGEL standard cushion contains a proprietary material that distributes pressure by conforming to your body's shape. Its extreme softness is gentle even for the most delicate skin. EXGEL's high shock absorbency is 10x greater than normal urethane foam, which helps to buffer the shearing forces between our skin and the cushion.

Enjoy hours of comfortable sitting and postural stability with EXGEL.


    Multilayer structure for ultimate comfort, safety and support  

    High-stretch water-resistant cover included (machine-washable). Strong skid-proof base with zipper at back for easy removal.  



    • Prevents pressure ulcers 
    • Supports good posture and stability while sitting. With greater comfort, your loved one can enjoy longer hours of activity and engagement in daily activities.
    • Easy to maintain and wash 

    Which Standard Cushion should I choose?

    Pressure Redistribution Care for Coccyx and Sacral area Postural Support Forward / Rearward Stability Portability
    Regular ** * * *
    High *** * * * *
    Anti-thrust *** * ** ** *

    See High and Anti-Thrust designs. 

    If you wish to ask questions or discuss your order, please feel free to contact us at (65) 6250-2129 or info@healthcarematters.com.sg


    See EXGEL in Action!

      Product Name EXGEL Standard Cushion (Regular)
      Model No., Dimensions and Weight

      PREX3010 (40W x 40D x 3.5H cm, 1.2 kg)
      PREX3011 (40W x 43D x 3.5H cm, 1.3 kg)

      Manufacturer Kaji Corporation


      Top/Sides: Polyurethane synthetic leather

      Filling: EXGEL, Polyurethane foam

      Bottom: 100% Nylon (Polyurethane and Acrylic coated)


      Top/Sides: 100% Polyester, Polyurethane foam, Polyurethane film

      Bottom: 100% Nylon (Polyurethane and Acrylic coated)


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