Wheelchair Aluminum Lightweight Detachable for Heavy Usage AR-500


The AR-500 is a popular model for healthcare institutions. It was built for heavy usage and long-term durability. 


  • Strong double cross-brace frame that prevents the wheelchair from wobbling even after many years of heavy usage. 
  • High-grade aluminum alloy that is lightweight and will not rust. Save on administrative cost of frequent maintenance and repairs. 
  • Back pipes can be folded for compact storage.


  • Swing-out and detachable footrest that prevents obstruction during transfer and allows the user to pedal with his feet.
  • Drum Brakes in addition to parking brakes for extra secure braking when going down a slope. Brakes are housed in a protective casing which blocks out dust, dirt, and moisture. This ensures a firm and reliable braking system every single time.
  • Seat is lightly padded for extra comfort. Removable for easy cleaning. MATSUNAGA always uses premium quality fabric to ensure that the seat does not fray/peel over time. Fraying is a common problem with lower grade fabric, and can cause cuts and abrasions on your loved one's fragile skin.


Product Name Matsunaga AR-500 Wheelchair
Model No. AR-500
Max. User weight 130 kg
Weight of Wheelchair 17.6 kg
Seat Width Available in 16-inch (40cm) and 18-inch (46cm).
Manufacturer Matsunaga Co. Ltd

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    The Story

    Mr Shigeyuki Matsunaga is the chairman of MATSUNAGA. He founded the company in 1974, at a time where there was a lack of high quality wheelchairs made for the Asian person. Western-made wheelchairs were aplenty, but Mr Matsunaga was acutely aware of their limitations. The average Japanese person has a smaller physical build and a different lifestyle compared to his Western counterpart. Differences such as mode of transportation, type of housing, living environment, and daily activities, can affect the suitability of a wheelchair. After all, to a person with compromised mobility, the wheelchair is an extension of his body and should match his needs as closely as possible.


    With this in mind, Mr Matsunaga set out to design high quality wheelchairs that were made specially for Asians, and continues to do so today.


    The Quality Process - How is MATSUNAGA different?


    MATSUNAGA adopts a total production system. This means that they oversee every stage of their manufacturing process, from sourcing of materials, design to manufacturing and assembling. No detail goes unnoticed and no stone is left unturned in their quality checks.


    Many wheelchair manufacturers do not adopt a total production system. They purchase parts and merely assemble them in the factory to form a wheelchair. Such a method makes it difficult to identify the grade of the raw materials used. In addition, the various components will not be a perfect fit thus affecting the quality, comfort and life of the wheelchair.


    In contrast, MATSUNAGA keeps every element of their production cycle inhouse and designs every part to fit perfectly with the rest. It is therefore able to uphold their quality processes to the highest standards, with the end-result being a meticulously engineered piece of equipment that is built-to-last.


    Examples of high quality


    1) Double-Cross Brace


    The wheelchair frame holds the wheelchair together. It is therefore crucial that this structure does not wobble or give way over time. To ensure stability and safety, MATSUNAGA wheelchairs come with a double cross-brace for added support. This feature is rarely seen in standard wheelchairs.

    X-Frame ________.jpg



    2) Superior Welding


    In areas where joints are necessary, MATSUNAGA welds the joints with multiple layers. This prevents dust, germs and moisture from being trapped in the joints. It also minimizes the number of exposed screws which may come loose.


    3) Customized Structure


    Most wheelchairs are made up of generic straight metal rods joint to one another using screws. Each joint represents a weak spot, allowing dust, germs, and moisture to be trapped. Over time, especially in humid conditions, the screws will rust, causing the joints to loosen and the wheelchair to weaken. MATSUNAGA produces customised metal rods that fit perfectly with other wheelchair parts, thereby minimizing the need for joints and screws. The end-product is therefore sturdy and durable.


    5) Drum Brakes


    Many of the MATSUNAGA’s wheelchairs come with drum brakes which are the type of brakes that you find in a car. These brakes are contained in a protective housing to prevent dust and moisture from getting in. They also provide a more secure brake as compared to regular scissor brakes. The drum brakes are connected to the handle bars, giving the caregiver better control when pushing the wheelchair down a slope.


    5) High-Grade Aluminum Alloy


    MATSUNAGA sources for their own metal and uses a high grade of aluminum alloy that is resistant against corrosion. In contrast, brands which do not have control or knowledge of their raw materials may use lower grade aluminum alloys that contain recycled metal. These metals may rust and result in breakage over time.


    In conclusion, MATSUNAGA wheelchairs offer users a peace of mind. It is because of this sheer dedication to perfection and their reputation for premium quality that MATSUNAGA is the largest wheelchair manufacturer in Japan today.


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